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Our consulting services are offered at NO COST to you or your business.  We specialize in finding the right services for your business while controlling your costs.  As an independent agent, we have access to well over 60 carrier services nationwide.

- Credit Card Processing
- Business and Home Alarm Services
- Server Hosting
- eMail Hosting
- Cloud Services


​- SIP and T1

built on trust, knowledge and expertise!

Your premier source for all your Business phone system, Business Internet, telecom services, Credit Card Processing, alarm, and cloud service needs. 

TelWorx provides professional consulting, procurement and management for your Data, Voice, Cloud, Credit Card Processing and other Utility services.



Why Telworx?


  • Single point of contact.

  • People who take time to understand your business needs.

  • You get to hear the truth!

  • Unbiased opinion of multiple carriers and product lines

- Business Phone System
- VoIP Systems
- Landline Services
- Business Internet
- Broadband Internet Service
- Microwave Internet

- Telecom Services